Working Title

The year ended with a promise of a Happy New Year ahead and I certainly promise better food reviews in the months to come. It’s becoming almost a weekly affair for me to visit a new cafe and recently,  shared with the masses a comprehensive list of cafes in Singapore, sorted by location. If you have not seen or heard anything about it, here is the URL:

Last weekend, we decided to check out (working title), much raved about cafe at Arab street. There’s an increasing number of cafes opening around that corner and that’s great news for us, cafe-hunters. I know sometime it’s not worth the time, effort and money to head down to every cafe but it’s the passion in it that keeps me from doing so. Let’s keep the nagging short.


A working title,  is the temporary name of a product or project used during its development and that the owner probably was trying out a cafe in the district but oh well, it all turns out pretty good. I heard they are a cafe of a shophouse (backpacking) hostel and that you probably would reckon many Caucasians – Hunks & Babes  (‘Ang Mos‘) hanging out.

Working title is a place to chill out with good specialty coffee, unique craft beers and scrumptious food – Cakes and Pastries, Sandwiches & Pizza. Pretty westernized, don’t you think? Makes sense now 🙂


Working Title

Caucasians usually prefer to sit on the outside, whereas Asians are all hiding inside. Hot lah, Singapore you know. Well, I managed to take a picture of a typical laid back afternoon with the said classic stereotyping example. HAHA, and psssh, yes i’m hiding inside.


Menu on board

There are plenty of things you will want to take care of that if you’re traveling overseas, one of which is to find a cafe with Wifi access to take a picture of your food – post on Instagram, checked in to Foursquare and tagged your friends on Facebook. Working Title, probably is one of the cafe you might be interested to check out if you are nearby, whether or not you’re a tourist or a typical Singaporean.


They provide the password right at your table, without the need to ask for one.  Surviving on 2GB of Data plan is definitely not sufficient, ain’t you think so? 


Working title cafe gives u a unique style that captures the old with the new; a feeling of familiarity and comfort. And most importantly, it’s a place where you immediately feel at home. The selection of brunch is rather limited – they have yoghurt & cereal, eggs, rosti, sandwiches and pizza, it’s not the place where you would want to have fanciful brunch like those at Wild Honey. No!



A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day right. I would always order a cup of cappuccino every time I visit a cafe. I should really start to make a collage of the coffee i drink. It would be massive. I can’t remember how much this cup of coffee cost, but it’s not really expensive, probably $5 – $6.


We both had the sunny-side ups & toasts. The original ($5) one comes with just 2 slices of bread, salad, 2 eggs and thus we opt for the additional add on of Turkey Ham (+$2.0) and Smoked Salmon (+$3.0).


Plain and simple breakfast sometimes can be quite satisfying. The white wholemeal bread makes it easier to add whole grains to your diet, I always wondered well how does they get those eggs so perfect, ensuring a perfect runny yolk. I’ve been to cafe where they totally destroy the egg presentation and although it taste somewhat similar, it just don’t feel right.


I discovered the back door leading to an open space concept seating and took some picture. This is really not the kind of cafe you get elsewhere, I remember d’Good Café at Holland Village has a unique presentation of their settings too! Brilliant. We ordered some starter to go along with as well. Rosti topped with greek yoghurt and chives ($6) and additional add on of salmon (+$3) and Truffle Tater Tots ($5). We were too hungry (and I was too slow), didn’t managed to take a nice picture of the bite-sized hashbrowns filled with truffle oil and parmesan cheese. It’s really really awesome.


Rosti (+Salmon)

All in all, I think they are a pretty affordable cafe to check it out – whether it’s the cute server that attend to you, the vintage chic interior settings that lures you in, or the cheap and affordable breakfast that wins your heart.

Working Title

  • 48 Arab Street, Singapore 199745
  • Daily from 10:00am – 10:00pm except Fri & Sat, till midnight.

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